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The latest Announcement

The partnership between Sardis and WEB 3 Technologies Association

The Web 3 association is composed of many blockchain developers, and they have recently become a partner of the Sardis Layer 1 blockchain. This will provide an opportunity for the developers to create new projects that will be launched on the Sardis blockchain.

The members of the Web 3 association will be able to create projects of their own, and they will be able to submit them to the Sardis Layer 1 blockchain. The best projects will be chosen, and the developers will be rewarded with grants from the blockchain. This will give them the incentive to create the best possible projects, and it will also help to increase the adoption of blockchain technology.

The grants will be used to fund the development of the projects, and they will also be used to help promote the projects. This will allow the developers to get their projects out to the public, and it will also help to spread awareness about the advantages of using the Sardis Ecosystem and blockchain technology Itself.

Overall, this is an exciting development for the Web 3 association and Sardis.


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